My First Six Years With Twins

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Six years ago, I scooted my big army-tank ass out the door for an OB appointment. One hour later, I was sent to the hospital to have my SEVEN POUND twins! I was so anxious because our townhouse was in boxes; we were about 7 days away from moving to a new house, new neighborhood, new town with our almost 3-year-old … Read More

AshleyMy First Six Years With Twins

Survival of the Thickest

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I was having a psychotic break just after being told I was going to be on mandatory Twin Bed Rest for two months. My husband and I were also in the process of building a house 45 minutes away and planning to move with our almost-3-year-old son. So in my last weeks of freedom, I waddled around hurriedly trying to … Read More

AshleySurvival of the Thickest

I’m Having Two Penises?!

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My husband and I staggered out of the ultrasound technician’s office after being told we were having twin boys and decided to table our freak-out session until his work day was finished. We drove off in our separate cars, me heading to Dunkin’ Donuts, and him probably skipping work and hitting a bar. What was especially jarring to me, combined … Read More

AshleyI’m Having Two Penises?!

I’m A Multi-Tasker Disaster

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When my son turned two, I was just getting the hang of the Mom Thing. It was still tough, though, don’t get me wrong. Being a colic baby, my son had remained sensitively wired and prone to meltdowns. He also had WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY. But I was about to turn 33, and my husband and I decided that even though we … Read More

AshleyI’m A Multi-Tasker Disaster