Why I Blame My Butt Issues On Boys

AshleyOld School Circus12 Comments

Today I thought I should discuss one of my deepest, darkest obsessions: my big ol’ big ol’ butt. You might think this discussion vain, but truly, this would only be an exercise in vanity if I were in love with my Gluteus Maximus, or if I thought other people loved it, or if it were WORTHY of love! I’m not, … Read More

AshleyWhy I Blame My Butt Issues On Boys

The Gingerbread Shanty: A Christmas “Fail-y” Tale

AshleyCirque du Today12 Comments

Once upon a time, there was a Manual Labor Mom, who was fully aware of her uncrafty, disorganized, anti-domestic limitations. She went along her merry way, performing her manual labors happily, feeling satisfied that she tried her hardest and gave her best. Even so, there were times when it seemed a little irritatingly perfect Room Mom was trapped inside of … Read More

AshleyThe Gingerbread Shanty: A Christmas “Fail-y” Tale

Cirque du Today: The Coffee Wizard

AshleyCirque du Today4 Comments

I’m not sure why I’ve always had to jump through hoops to make the nasty little coffee wizard that lives inside my coffee maker do his job. Our last coffee machine, which we had for 10 years and took no less than 15 minutes to brew one pot, made us push the On button, then the Brew button, then the On button … Read More

AshleyCirque du Today: The Coffee Wizard