Cirque du Today: Losing My Religion

AshleyCirque du Today40 Comments

As some of you might guess, my relationship with God has been, um, complicated. When you grow up with a mom who frequently converses with The Lord, and those conversations often lead her to pack up all your shit and move somewhere overnight, you might occasionally want to give God the finger. And not the You’re Number One finger. Now, … Read More

AshleyCirque du Today: Losing My Religion

Grandpa’s Wake: The First Time I Touched Death

AshleyOld School Circus46 Comments

I hadn’t even realized Grandpa was sick until I heard the noise in front of the house, the doorbell, the trudge of feet on the hardwood stairs as the white-uniformed men climbed to his room. Minutes later, they carried his massive frame down the curved staircase in our front hall and knocked off the newel post on their way out. … Read More

AshleyGrandpa’s Wake: The First Time I Touched Death