From Dipshidiots to Valentines

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It just so happened that my first-ever date with my husband Todd fell on Valentine’s Day. It was 2002, and we’d just looked at our little single people calendars and chosen a Thursday, not thinking of the date’s significance. It was a lunch date, because I hadn’t made up my mind yet about him, and I wouldn’t want to waste … Read More

AshleyFrom Dipshidiots to Valentines

The Myth of the Mama’s Boy

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I am the mother of three little boys, who very much love, demand the attention of, and save the drama for their mama. One might even call them “Mama’s Boys,” a term I now use lovingly, though that wasn’t always the case. Mama’s Boys, that much maligned segment of the male population, have been accused for centuries of being wimpy, … Read More

AshleyThe Myth of the Mama’s Boy