Where Are You, Christmas?

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I may be more like a child than my own children when it comes to saying goodbye to Christmas. Even though some old-school Catholics like my mom believe that Christmas doesn’t truly end until after the feast of the Epiphany (when the wise men came to visit), I personally am not an old school Catholic (shocker). So I start feeling … Read More

AshleyWhere Are You, Christmas?

The Gingerbread Shanty: A Christmas “Fail-y” Tale

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Once upon a time, there was a Manual Labor Mom, who was fully aware of her uncrafty, disorganized, anti-domestic limitations. She went along her merry way, performing her manual labors happily, feeling satisfied that she tried her hardest and gave her best. Even so, there were times when it seemed a little irritatingly perfect Room Mom was trapped inside of … Read More

AshleyThe Gingerbread Shanty: A Christmas “Fail-y” Tale

Grandma’s Light Show

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My beloved Grandma on my dad’s side, who passed away almost four years ago, would decorate for Christmas like it was her JOB. In fact, her job actually was  to decorate—she worked as a successful, quirky, eclectic interior decorator until she was 92 years old.  (Ninety-FREAKING-two years old, and she lived to 96)! As such, she reveled in and thrived on … Read More

AshleyGrandma’s Light Show

Elf on the Shelf Bungee Jumping

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Tonight, my mother-in-law was innocently eating her delicious re-heated Thanksgiving mashed potatoes (one of the rare dishes that I, as a culinarily-challenged human being, actually do right) when simultaneously, our newly re-instated Elf on the Shelf, Mario, was in the midst of working out an emotional crisis. One minute, he was perched happily on the chandelier just above the kitchen table, appearing to all the … Read More

AshleyElf on the Shelf Bungee Jumping