My Boy Wore A Tigger Costume To the Thunderdome

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This morning is “Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character Day” at my kids’ public school. My 4th grader Sam is OVER dressing up for Book Character Day (that’s for babies). Drew, in 1st grade, tends to follow his older brother’s lead. Plus he knows that at school, he can be laughed at for something as simple as an untied shoe; … Read More

AshleyMy Boy Wore A Tigger Costume To the Thunderdome

The Demise of Balboa

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I was happily skipping down the hall after my alter-ego, Balboa, told Gina Palmeri, the beastly-basketball-playing-bully, where she could stick it. I just assumed that would be THAT, because in elementary school, all I’d had to do was mouth off to bullies to get them to leave me alone. Sadly, up in the high school big leagues, this wasn’t the … Read More

AshleyThe Demise of Balboa

The Return of Balboa

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When I was in elementary school, I was teased and bullied because of the car my parents drove, and because we didn’t have much money. I tried telling the teachers about it, but putting my trust in the authorities was wasted time and effort since they didn’t seem to care. And I went to a CATHOLIC school, which you’d think would … Read More

AshleyThe Return of Balboa

The Time I Fought Back

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In 1987, I was 13 years old, and my family’s main method of transportation was a 1976 AMC Gremlin. It was red with blue doors and covered in rust, and as if these aesthetics weren’t enough to draw stares, it had a muffler that growled and coughed, assaulting the ears and noses of unlucky onlookers. We lived in a struggling steel … Read More

AshleyThe Time I Fought Back