Cirque du Today: Welcome to the Potty

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Who can deny it? Peeing IS a big responsibility. Not just for babies. For anybody. Ever had a UTI? Shit’s not fun. Anywho, to commemorate the occasion of his two-year-old brother peeing on the potty, my five-year-old focused the best of his artistry on a congratulatory card. (It would be helpful to add here that the two-year-old currently sits down to pee on the potty). This card will be preserved by his mother and reserved for both brothers until the most opportune occasion for optimum embarrassment presents itself. The front of the card is pictured below, and the inner flap reads as follows:


Good job peeing on the potty! You peed well. We were all really excited. Someday, you will stand up to pee and sit down to poop.


Your Big Brother

Pee Card

Pee Card

AshleyCirque du Today: Welcome to the Potty

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