Cirque du Today: Send in the Pants-less Clown

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On the comical side of a recent torrential downpour, the boys and I braved the elements to get some last-minute, hunker-down supplies from the store. While pulling the full cart behind me through the parking lot, I held two little twin hands with one of my own, while Sam flanked the little ones, the wind whipping, and rain pouring on us sideways, while Zach repeatedly screamed: “My BUM, my BUM!”

Ignoring his Bum exclamations, I got us all safely to the car and hoisted each boy into the SUV. When I got to Zach, I realized he had tragically done the Harris Teeter walk of shame, as his underpants were around his ankles, weighed down from his rain-sodden pants. (In his defense, only moments before, we had used the Harris Teeter bathroom – our mandatory visit- and I was too busy deflecting Sam’s interrogation about the tampon machine to tie Zach’s pant drawstrings back up).

Cirque du Today: Send in the Pants-less Clown

2 Comments on “Cirque du Today: Send in the Pants-less Clown”

  1. Bridgitte Brown

    God, this story gets me every time. I’m lying in bed trying to be quiet while Josh sleeps and laughing so hard that the bed is shaking. HA!!!! (I so wish I had been there!!!!)

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