How Grandma Spun Straw into Gold

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Yesterday it was my Grandma Brown’s birthday. She was a spark plug of a human being, and I’m not just saying that because I’m her granddaughter. She could walk into a room, and the energy around her crackled and glowed, like those rainbow fireplace logs you can buy at the grocery store. Yes, I totally just compared my dear, departed … Read More

AshleyHow Grandma Spun Straw into Gold

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

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I had a therapist recently ask me: When you were growing up, what did money mean to you? This was in relation to a conversation about my husband and I disagreeing on how to manage our finances. The purpose of the question was so that I could see how money, or the lack thereof, affected my childhood and shaped the … Read More

AshleyMo’ Money, Mo’ Problems

Cirque du Today: Losing My Religion

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As some of you might guess, my relationship with God has been, um, complicated. When you grow up with a mom who frequently converses with The Lord, and those conversations often lead her to pack up all your shit and move somewhere overnight, you might occasionally want to give God the finger. And not the You’re Number One finger. Now, … Read More

AshleyCirque du Today: Losing My Religion

The Trailer

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Braking suddenly at the end of a dark dirt road, Mom almost slams into a cow. When the dust cloud clears, we see that not just a cow, but a whole herd of cows is surrounding our car, and ignoring this fact, Mom looks at us with a triumphant smile. “We’re here!” My sister and I peer fearfully out the … Read More

AshleyThe Trailer

Grandpa’s Wake: The First Time I Touched Death

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I hadn’t even realized Grandpa was sick until I heard the noise in front of the house, the doorbell, the trudge of feet on the hardwood stairs as the white-uniformed men climbed to his room. Minutes later, they carried his massive frame down the curved staircase in our front hall and knocked off the newel post on their way out. … Read More

AshleyGrandpa’s Wake: The First Time I Touched Death

The Demise of Balboa

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I was happily skipping down the hall after my alter-ego, Balboa, told Gina Palmeri, the beastly-basketball-playing-bully, where she could stick it. I just assumed that would be THAT, because in elementary school, all I’d had to do was mouth off to bullies to get them to leave me alone. Sadly, up in the high school big leagues, this wasn’t the … Read More

AshleyThe Demise of Balboa

Big Top Family Goes On Tour!

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The talented and beautiful Jessica McNeill Azar of Herd Management asked me to join her on this Virtual Blog Tour, and I was afraid to turn her down – she’s 5’10” and she could totally kick my ass if she wanted to! Also, she was just published on The Huffington Post with her awesome Father’s Day essay about capable Dads, … Read More

AshleyBig Top Family Goes On Tour!

Abandoning Pretense Guest Posts: Roadside Furniture is the Voice of God, If You Listen Hard Enough

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I’m ecstatic and honored to announce that Kristen Mae of the very popular, very honest, very funny Abandoning Pretense is guest-posting here today! She read all about my religious upbringing in Old School Circus and thought this post would fit perfectly. She’s right. This story resonated with me on so many different levels, and I know it’ll do the same for you.  … Read More

AshleyAbandoning Pretense Guest Posts: Roadside Furniture is the Voice of God, If You Listen Hard Enough

The Return of Balboa

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When I was in elementary school, I was teased and bullied because of the car my parents drove, and because we didn’t have much money. I tried telling the teachers about it, but putting my trust in the authorities was wasted time and effort since they didn’t seem to care. And I went to a CATHOLIC school, which you’d think would … Read More

AshleyThe Return of Balboa

7 Reasons Mothers Are Like Mother Teresa

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Every time I demonstrate my superhuman ability to remain patient and calm in the midst of one of my kids’ shit-storm meltdowns of whining, complaining, crying, or general pain-in-the-assing, my husband tells me I’m Mother Teresa. In case you’re wondering, I’m not. Mother Teresa died in 1997, and anyway, she’s a lot shorter than me. I always just shake my … Read More

Ashley7 Reasons Mothers Are Like Mother Teresa