$500 First Prize Giveaway PLUS You Can View Prime Photos with Alexa on your Amazon Fire TV!

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Last time, I told you guys all about the new Amazon Prints feature  – THIS time, I’m talking about the new and improved Amazon Fire TV Stick, which has an Alexa Voice Remote, and a $500 first prize Amazon gift card giveaway, along with five 2nd prize giveaways of $100 Amazon gift cards!

FIRST of all, the Fire TV Stick (which is priced at just $39.99!) is SO COOL, ya’ll! I just received mine*, and I have been playing with it non-stop. I can watch whole seasons of my favorite cable network shows with no commercials, play Netflix on any TV in my house just by plugging in the Fire TV Stick, listen to Amazon Music, watch music videos (this is a guilty pleasure of mine, but you should try it, addictive!), watch sports (blecch, sports), and even watch slideshows of my favorite albums with Prime Photos!

If you’re a Prime member, and you’re not using Prime Photos, you need to get on the stick! (Pun intended, haha). Download the app on your phone or any other device you store photos on, and then upload your pictures to Prime Photos, which gives you unlimited photo storage! Plus, in the U.S., all Amazon Prime customers receive 5 GB of FREE digital storage for their videos or files. Then, with the Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, you can simply say, “Show my photos from Sam’s 8th birthday,” or “Show my photo album from the twins’ first day of kindergarten,” and Alexa will find that album and play a slideshow on your TV! It’s a perfect backdrop for social occasions, but also a great way to connect during family time (or torture your spouse with old pictures of themselves, like this couple did).

Now, on to the giveaway! Just click the bottom of the image below to sign in via Facebook or with your email address, and you could be the big winner! Enter to win a 1st prize of a $500 Amazon gift card, or one of five $100 Amazon gift card 2nd prizes. Full terms and conditions can be found here.”


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Good luck, guys, and don’t forget to view Prime Photos with your Fire TV Stick today!

*Thanks so much to Amazon for sponsoring this post. 🙂

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$500 First Prize Giveaway PLUS You Can View Prime Photos with Alexa on your Amazon Fire TV!

14 Comments on “$500 First Prize Giveaway PLUS You Can View Prime Photos with Alexa on your Amazon Fire TV!”

  1. Suz

    OBSESSED with our fire sticks- we have them for all the TVs now, and are thisclose to finally cutting cable altogether! I love looking at our travel photos on our tv!!

  2. Shayelyn

    I can FINALLY get all the photos off my phone! We have a Fire Stick and I had no idea it had photo storage. Was slightly panicked during the last hurricane scare – mostly about photos – so this is perfect!

  3. Adrienne Edwards

    I love my fire tv stick! It’s all we use to watch tv. I’ve had one since it first came out.

  4. Amy Effing Mayo

    I’m most excited to see our photos from our first family vacation last year. Currently, they’re living un-viewed in a Cloud Server folder 🙁
    Thanks, Ashley! for the chance.

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